Bronte’s Barn

Bronte’s Barn

So I’m searching around trying to learn about blogging and how best to use it at my school.  I went onto to look for the best student blogs.  I came upon a blog entitled “Bronte’s Barn”.  Just the name alone intrigued  me.  Bronte’s latest blog actually gets the audience thinking…. and thinking hard.  Bronte changes a story that’s been read into a horse story (by the way Bronte LOVES horses!)   I was skimming through the comments and I was so impressed with how much thought went into the comments.  This is what blogging is all about, right?  It was almost like Bronte was teaching US how to interact with the text.  Bronte had us do a little inferencing, create a new ending for the story, and talk about whether the story was “dark”.  If there are enough responses, Bronte will choose the coolest ending.  The other cool thing Bronte did was start off each of the blogs with a different language that we had to guess.  I just learned A LOT about classroom blogging!  Thanks Bronte!

1 thought on “Bronte’s Barn

  1. Dear K Senior,
    OMG, thank you so much for writing about my blog! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I didn’t actually realise how famous my blog was! 😳
    ‘Cause I’ve been getting A LOT of comments saying that they’ve come along my blog by looking at the Edu Blog Awards.

    Well, thank you so much for writing about my blog! (I might write about you!)
    -Bronte :mrgreen: 👿

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