Time To Plan!

Believe it or not, my opinion about RSS feeds and social bookmarking and all those other techie words swirling around my brain right now is becoming more and more positive 🙂

Since the last time I posted I learned how to set up a collection of my favorite RSS feeds in netvibes at http://www.netvibes.com/ksenior#Resources.  This makes it so much easier to see my favorite feeds at a glance.  I love the format so much better than just a straight line of running feeds!  Love it!  I then learned how to set up a delicious account to keep track of all of my social bookmarking.  I’m not that awfully familiar with this so I’m going to develop a plan for myself and my colleagues.  Since I’m not in the classroom, I’m going to outline a plan for using social bookmarking as a professional development tool for myself.  When I feel a little more comfortable with this technology (hopefully soon!), I can then roll it out to my colleagues as another great way to collaborate.  Here’s my preliminary plan:

  1. Create a social bookmarking account (complete!)
  2. Understand that social bookmarking is like regular bookmarking on your computer except it allows you to save the bookmarks online (so you can access them anywhere and you can share them!)
  3. Go through all previously saved bookmarks that are now inundating my bookmark toolbar and bookmark folder (remember that huge list of bookmarks?).  Do some Spring cleaning and decide which bookmarks are worthy of being saved.
  4. Transfer them over to my social bookmarking program
  5. Create folders or tags that clearly define what the bookmark is for (i.e. technology, reading skills, math skills, specific student folders, specific parent folders, colleague specific folders)
  6. Designate a unique tag/code for sharing purposes
  7. When creating folders for students to access make sure the material is age and instructional level appropriate and clearly labeled for student use.
  8. Decide which people I will follow or groups I will join (be selective!  Are they sharing good, quality resources?).  Will need to teach colleagues how to share.
  9. Search for other quality resources to add to my folders/tags
  10. Provide professional development for teachers during their grade level meeting day to share the benefits of social bookmarking. (May want to start with one grade level to see how it unfolds).  Have them complete the above steps.
  11. Continue to add new links to share
  12. Continue to learn new features of delicious and share with staff (I am very far from knowing everything about this!)
  13. Each week during the grade level meeting, take a few minutes to discuss questions, suggestions, concerns, etc. about the use of social bookmarking
  14. My colleagues and I continue to learn together!

1 thought on “Time To Plan!

  1. This looks like an amazing plan! I am so glad that everything is coming together. As I’m sure you are more than aware, you are learning many new and exciting things in this course, and by the end you will pick and choose which tools you will use once you go back to the classroom. Some might take longer to “play” with than others. I know when I first took this class, I was thrilled to just have a delicious account for myself, and I started to use a wiki almost immediately. THat was it. Now I also have blog plans, prezi assignments and quizlet questions for review. I think I take something away each time I participate with the students in this class.

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