Fun with Flickr :-)

I had never used Flickr up until now…. Boy, am I still learning!  After reading about Flickr it appears to be one awesome site!  There are what seems like millions of photos to search through that cover just about any subject under the sun.  There is such a plethora of ideas that started flooding my head about how Flickr could be used in the classroom.  Flickr could easily supplement reading, writing, math, science, social studies… really just about anything in the curriculum.  It’s really easy to use too.   Here are some suggestions for using with your students:

Choose a random picture and then create a story about it.

Write a poem and then find a Flickr pic to go with it.  The poem can be overlayed on top of the picture.

Search for something specific through the use of tags and then create a presentation or slide show using your pictures.   The other cool thing is the ability to annotate on the pictures.  You can easily add notes, details, or comments in an annotation box that appears when you scroll over the picture.

Start online discussions about the images you post or by adding comments under someone else’s photo. 

Use one of the Flickr creative apps such as Flickr Magazine Cover which allows you to turn one of your pictures into front page news. 

And then my favorite, combine Flickr with Google Maps/Earth… it opens up to the place it was taken along with all other photos taken in that place (this is called being geotagged).  How cool would it be to look at photos from a global perspective!


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